Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The thing about autism

Want to know the most wonderful thing about autism? The victories.

Your child smiles at you? Asks for something? Says hello to a friend? Sits nicely at the dinner table? Plays with a friend? Looks at you for approval? Brushes their teeth on their own? Asks how your day was?

Sister, that’s a victory right there.

Your daughter spells her name for the first time? Your son is invited to a birthday party? Your 10 year old is finally out of diapers? Your 3 year old makes it through the day without biting? You get a first word, or a first sign, or a first point from your 15 year old? Your 4 year old puts 2 words together? You eat out at a restaurant without an issue? You get a smile? A hug? An “I love you too Mommy”?


Our victories may look different than your average kid’s. Colouring on the walls (She picked up a marker, opened it and did something with it!). Victory. Unrolling a whole role of toilet paper (He is interacting with stuff! Hurray!) Victory. They may come later. They may come with a lot more blood, sweat and tears. Sometimes with a lot more tears.

But when they come?

Watch out.

Autism, schmautism. We are all about victories these days.

Our girl is talking. She is playing with friends. She is kind to her brother. She is telling us when she is overwhelmed and upset. She is managing her anxiety and compulsions. She is telling jokes and cleaning her room and dressing up and pretending and planning her birthday party and asking to take ballet lessons and talking on the phone and playing with her brother. And all those “maybe she will never’s”?

Out the window.

Because we are on a roll over here.

And victory?

It’s doubly sweet.

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