Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Leaving it

It rained on our morning walk today.  A lot.  We had one umbrella with us, which the princess NEEDED to use, because “Mommy it’s raaaaaaining!!!!”  She ditched her jacket (her rain coat lost in dad's car, or somewhere in our piles of stuff – errr, house), so I juggled pushing bro’s stroller, covering him with the abandoned jacket, carrying an open bag of pencil crayons and paper and a diaper bag thrown over my shoulder, all the while singing happy songs to a slightly-less-than-happy 8 month old. 

The afternoon library trip was a bit hairy.  Anxiety attack over who knows what lead to a screaming tantrum, the throwing of few toy cars and movies, and more than a few questionable looks from library patrons, which in turn lead to one busy mom and way too many movie-and-tv-show themed books being carted home. 

Sister spent a lot of time on her ipad this afternoon.  I mean a lot of time.

She loved it.

We learned (again) that pens are not for couches.

A tidy up was started...

and subsequently abandoned with a well-timed “Mommy, I’m awake!” cry.

 He knows who the boss is around here.

But the rain has stopped.

The sun is shining.

The mess and the penned up couch and the tantrums and piles of stuff can wait.

Because seriously?  When did she get so big?  And how is he 8 months old tomorrow?  And how is September on our doorstep already?  It’s a "throw some fries in the oven and beans in a pot" kind of dinner tonight.  The backyard is calling. 

Who knows, we might just attempt that walk again


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